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Resilience - the whole picture

Resilience - the whole picture

“Resilience – the whole picture” - an Executive Briefing workshop for Senior Leaders and OD/HR Directors delivered by Dr Derek Mowbray

The pandemic has drawn out tremendous strengths from people as they’ve risen to the many challenges - but now many are feeling drained and uncertain about what comes next.

There’s a risk of systemic burnout – a collapse of both well-being and performance. Just asking people to dig deeper and carry on is not an option.

Instead, we need to look at the whole picture of resilience which includes all the inter-connections between people and their working environment, so that both the organisation and the individual are resilient against events that may threaten the performance of both.

The whole picture of resilience covers:

  • Personal Resilience – boosting individual ability to handle change, uncertainty and challenge without becoming stressed.
  • Team Resilience – the immediate context in which people work and interact, which should buffer adversity (but can so easily amplify or even generate it).
  • Organisational Resilience – the overall context, structures and frameworks, that strongly determines the culture and opportunities for resilience at the team and individual level.
  • Individuals can learn to handle bigger challenges without becoming stressed – but if they do that together with colleagues, the effects are multiplied. In a culture that supports this development right across our organisations, with resilience embedded across all teams, conversations, meetings and ways of working, the results are nothing short of transformational.

    Programme content:

    Resilience - what it is and when it's needed

    • What is Resilience – at all levels.
    • Why Resilience is crucial for organisational and individual well-being and performance.
    • The types of adversities and threatening events for which resilience is the solution - including those over which the organisation has no control, and those generated internally within the organisation.
    • The four pillars of resilience.

    Taking a lead in creating a resilient organisation

    • A resilience framework for the whole organisation.
    • How leaders can create a resilient environment and workforce.
    • The conditions needed to enable individuals to choose to be resilient.
    • Ways to reduce the need for individuals to call upon their resilience (and so can devote more energy to higher levels of performance and productivity).
    • The difference between active and passive resilience – and why it matters.
    • Creating a context in which people tend to transform adversities into welcome challenges – with less impact on their wellbeing or performance, and potentially even enhancement, generating total sustainable focus on important tasks.
    • The limits of Personal Resilience and how to help prevent people reaching them.
    • Team Resilience - how to create a positive working environment that is psychologically safe and healthy in teams.
    • Performance - how to cultivate the resilience that boosts individual, team and organisational performance.

    Strengthening Personal Resilience

    • The processes of being resilient – including how attitudes are formed and choices to be resilient are made.
    • How to strengthen the foundations of individual resilience – including an assessment of personal resilience.

    Who should attend:

    This on-line, in-house short masterclass is designed for senior team members, leaders, OD specialists, managers and internal champions of wellbeing and performance.

    The Facilitator

    The programme architect and facilitator for this programme is Dr Derek Mowbray

    In-house Programmes

    This workshop can be provided as an in-house session for your managers and facilitators. For further information, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.

    For further information and to discuss your requirements, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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