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Strengthening Personal Resilience

An on-line, highly interactive programme,
delivered via MS Teams in 2 x 3hr sessions

Why Resilience?

Work and life constantly throw challenges our way – and never more so than in the current crisis.

Without resilience, these challenging events knock us off balance, make it hard for us to function well, and can even lead to stress and burnout. This is no small matter: in 2018/19, 44% of all sickness absence days were due to stress, anxiety and depression, with an average of 21.2 days absence each.

With resilience, these challenges become more and more “like water off a duck’s back”. We’re able to handle them more easily, sometimes even thriving on them and growing through them. Resilience gives us the flexible strength of mind to sustain success in the face of all these adverse events.

Building resilience will help ensure that your workforce is motivated, engaged and maintains performance through periods of uncertainty and change, whilst minimising the stressful effects of such events.

Some aspects of resilience are personality dependent whilst others are skills determined. All elements can be learnt and strengthened.

This Programme

This programme, based on the “Strengthening Personal Resilience Programme” created by leading psychologist Dr Derek Mowbray and adapted for an on-line format by Roy Marriott, is particularly relevant for the current crisis – with people working from home and handling all the challenges that COVID-19 brings. It’s delivered online – in a live format that includes all the fun, interaction and learning opportunities of a face-to-face workshop.

The programme is not “chalk-and-talk,” but an engaging, dynamic and fully interactive learning experience. Learning is constantly generated through a variety of exercises, carefully designed to appeal to a variety of learning styles. The programme is adapted live on the day, selecting elements most relevant for the participants’ specific learning goals.

We have found that it’s a real challenge to work online for more than a few hours at a time, so it’s delivered as two 3-hour modules:

Module 1. Psychological Resilience - Developing personal qualities that make you more resilient:

  • Your goals and aims for the training – what do you want to learn?
  • Understanding the mechanisms of stress, and learning how to manage it well
  • What is resilience? When do we need to call on it?
  • Discover personal resilience strengths and weaknesses, using Derek Mowbray’s RAQ-40
  • Understanding who we are – building self-awareness, learning to utilise our strengths more
  • Understanding your talents, skills, knowledge, experience and personality
  • Clarifying personal vision and goals
  • Developing the motivation and flexible strength of mind to succeed in the face of adversity
  • Building and demonstrating your personal self‐confidence.

Module 2. Resilience in Relation to People and Events - building skills, qualities, structures and relationships that enable you to be resilient in the face of challenging events, demands, people and interactions.

  • Understanding how we evaluate events and form an attitude towards them
  • Identifying potential adverse events - threats to wellbeing and performance
  • Developing the capacity to solve problems and rise to challenges
  • Developing organisational skills so you can succeed when chaos is all about you
  • Handling difficult interactions with others in a resilient way
  • Staying resilient amidst upheaval and change
  • Building great relationships with people who will help you thrive and succeed

Outcomes from the programme

  • Reduced stress levels and consequent sickness-absence
  • Increased understanding of resilience and how to develop it
  • A “toolbox” of techniques and approaches to building personal resilience
  • Increased ability to handle pressure and challenging events without getting stressed
  • Increased performance (through ability to sustain a clear focus for longer)
  • Increased engagement, determination, motivation
  • Increased flexibility in the face of change
  • Ability to create a stronger support network (a key factor in resilience)
  • Build a reservoir of resilience against stressful events

Throughout the programme there is an emphasis on exercises and routines that can be adopted on a daily basis. For example, in one section we cover “5 ways to reduce stress in less than a minute.”

The Trainer

Roy Marriott is one of our most experienced trainers of Resilience and Mindfulness, and has been delivering live, interactive online training workshops since 2012. He makes them fun, engaging and highly effective – one participant described them as “95% of the experience of being in the room together.”


2 x 3 hour on-line sessions.

This programme is available for organisations to offer to their people as an in-house programme. For further information and to discuss running this online programme in your organisation, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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