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Taking your Training Remote

How to deliver highly engaging training remotely.

Live, online programme, delivered either via Zoom or MS Teams

It's one thing to deliver workshops remotely - but quite another to make them fully engaging. It's a real challenge to get people fully interacting, contributing and learning - after all, you're competing with all the distractions of the internet, a pressing schedule and an ever-demanding email box!

Would you like to learn how to make your sessions so engagingthat you achieve the same outcomes you could in an in-the-room setting, or perhaps even better? Would you like to learn about the tools that make this possible, how to choose what's right for your subject and your audience, and develop the skills to make it all flow smoothly for everyone?

This programme is split into two workshops, each 3 hours long

  • Workshop 1 is focused on tools and technology,
  • Workshop 2 is focused on “translating” your training so it works well remotely.

Both workshops are highly interactive and practical, so you’ll go away with real learnings you can put into practice right away.

To ensure an excellent participant experience, we limit numbers at these workshops to 12.

Workshop 1: Driving the Technology for Remote Training.

This workshop is about the basic tools and technology you need in order to run effective remote workshops. It uses low cost/free and publicly available technologies to replace whiteboards and flips charts, such as Google Docs and Padlet, and can be delivered via Zoom or MS Teams.

You’ll learn:

  • The technology you need in order to keep people engaged
  • How to minimise participant technical issues (there's nothing worse than half your participants not being able to connect...)
  • How to use break-out rooms to help people engage and connect
  • How to replace the flip-chart and post-its on the wall

Of course this is a remote workshop – so you’ll see:

  • How the technology can be used to good effect
  • Demonstrations of several exercises translated to a remote context

Please note: To attend these workshops you’ll need a laptop or desktop computer - PC or Mac. (Tablets, Phones and Chromebooks have somewhat restricted access to these facilities – they aren’t suitable for hosting training, or for fully attending this workshop).

Workshop 2: Translating Your Training to Remote

This workshop is designed to help you make your specific training work well in a remote setting. It’s very practical and relevant – we'll work with specific examples that participants bring and explore how to make them work well remotely.

  • How to design your training so it works well online
  • How you need to interact differently as a facilitator
  • How to make remote online training enjoyable and interactive for the participants (so they say things like "it was like 95% of being in the same room together - without the hassles of travel", and so they bond as a group so much they want to stay in touch afterwards)
  • Get input on specific issues you have taking your particular training remote
  • Your questions answered.

Please note that this training is not about tools and technologies. We won’t be instructing you on how to use the features of the software, but instead helping you to design & deliver great remote training.

Please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.

The Trainer

Roy Marriott is one of our most experienced trainers of Resilience and Mindfulness, and has been delivering live, interactive online training workshops since 2012. He makes them fun, engaging and highly effective – one participant described them as “95% of the experience of being in the room together.”

In-house Programmes

This workshop is provided as an in-house session for your internal trainers and wellbeing champions. For further information, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.

Tips for remote training

Take a look at our 8 tips on ways to boost engagement in remote workshop training


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