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Team Resilience

An on-line programme, delivered via Zoom or MS Teams in 2 x 3hr sessions

Work in the 21st Century is characterised by rapid change and growing uncertainty – and never more so than in the current Covid crisis. People have been facing challenges such as the shift to remote working, home-schooling, rapidly getting to grips with new technology, zoom fatigue, ongoing worry about COVID etc etc. Sadly the challenge and upheaval is not over – we can expect ongoing uncertainty and change in the coming months and even years to come.

To handle all this, people need resilience. They can work on their own Personal Resilience independently – but to be truly resilient, they need to be embedded in a Resilient Team. This can make all the difference – under the same pressures, someone in an unsupportive context might burnout, whereas in a Resilient Team, they can thrive.

About this Programme

This is a Team Resilience training programme for Leaders and Managers. The primary aim is “flexible high performance under pressure – without the strain.”

This has benefits in terms of both well-being and performance. As teams become more Resilient, they can:

  • respond more flexibly and deliver higher performance – and do so without generating undue stress for team members (or team leaders!);
  • grow by “rising to the challenge” (both individually and as a team);
  • make commitments that are both responsive and realistic (by negotiating with truly excessive demands);
  • become more cohesive (rather than fracturing) under pressure – even when working remotely.

The programme builds on the success of our Strengthening Personal Resilience programmes – meeting the need that participants have enthusiastically expressed to build resilience at the Team level. It is based around the same 8-factor model of Resilience developed by psychologist Dr. Derek Mowbray – but applied at the team level.

The programme is designed, tailored and delivered by Roy Marriott. Roy draws on Dr Derek Mowbray’s programmes on Team Resilience and the Manager’s Role in Resilience, as well as his own Resilient Mindfulness and the “Solution Focused” coaching approach to Leadership.


The programme consists of two workshops – each 3 hours in duration.

The workshops are delivered remotely, via Zoom or MS Teams.

There is an additional option for Facilitated Learning Action Sets to help embed the learning. They are 90 minutes each, delivered monthly at first and less frequently as the practices “take root” (timings and frequency can be adjusted to meet your needs)

The workshops, while remote, are in a live format that includes all the fun, interaction and learning opportunities of a face-to-face workshop. At the end of each workshop, participants make specific action plans, so their learning can have an immediate positive effect on their teams.

Programme Content

In the workshops, participants:

  • develop their understanding of Team Resilience principles,
  • experience the principles for themselves, and
  • take away strategies for immediate implementation.
  • They learn strategies for:

    • leading and communicating directly with team members in ways that cultivate their personal resilience
    • stimulating and encouraging team members to relate to each other in ways that cultivate personal resilience
    • responding to challenges from outside the team in ways that bring the team together and don’t lead to undue stress

    This programme is based on Dr Derek Mowbray’s 8-factor model of resilience. The 8 elements are self-awareness, determination, vision, self-confidence, organisation, problem solving, interaction and relationships.

    Participating team leaders will learn ways to boost (and not undermine) each of these resilience-factors in their teams. They learn ways of understanding and responding that stimulate:

    • Relationships and Interactions within the team that support resilience - relationships characterised by appreciation, mutual understanding and trust. (This forms the foundation for high Psychological Safety, so that feedback can be effective and helpful.)
    • A culture of team problem solving and organisation that promotes resilience - handling challenges and changes in a way that creates cohesion (and avoids fracturing)
    • Communication skills and habits that build self-confidence (and confidence in each other)
    • Clarification of Values and Vision that lead to mutual understanding, effective collaboration, and collective Determination to rise to the challenge whenever appropriate
    • Communication skills to “push back” on genuinely excessive demands, enabling the possibility of negotiating workable solutions that lead to sustainable and flexible high performance
    • Development of self-awareness and mutual awareness – supporting mutual understanding and a team within which people can play to their strengths, and cover each others’ weaknesses.

    The workshops are tailored to the needs and aspirations of attendees & their teams:

    • First there is a warming-up introduction,
    • Participants are then invited to reflect on what they want to learn, and share that on a “jamboard” with the trainer and group,
    • The training then draws on the syllabus and exercises in a way that matches expressed participant needs,
    • Time is allocated for periodic reflection on learnings and how they can be applied, and
    • Finally concluding with action planning for immediate impact.

    Who is this workshop for?

    Leaders and Managers


    2 x 3 hour sessions with an additional option for Facilitated Action Learning Sets

    The facilitator

    The facilitator for this Programme will be Roy Marriott.

    For further information

    For further information, please request more details here or call Barbara Leigh on 01242 241882.


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