Psychologically Healthy Workplace

An introduction

What is a psychologically healthy workplace?

Over the past decade or so the evidence has been accumulating that the right working environment, combined with the right job, right management and leadership, all within the right culture, have the effect of enabling individuals in the workplace to thrive. In psychological terms, the workplace, established along the lines that will be described, can produce positive affect in the individual. This means it can produce pleasurable and positive experiences that exhibit in individuals’ joy, interest, alertness, energy, effective performance, liveliness, concentration, adventurousness, enthusiasm, dynamism and other positive sensations.

These personal sensations can be aligned to individual behaviour, such as engagement, smiling, welcoming, nurturing, and mutual support, which, in turn, can impact on the organisation in terms of improved productivity, low sickness absence, greater flexibility, and other attributes of corporate resilience and success.

Two core principles that provide the foundations of workplace behaviour and attitude

There are two principles that provide the foundation behaviours that underpin the behaviours of the workforce, which are:

Psychological Responsibility

The responsibility that everyone shares which is to ensure individual psychological health and wellbeing as well as psychological health and wellbeing of everyone else. This means ensuring the individual is empowered to seek out the elements that makes the individual feel psychologically well at work, as well as assisting everyone else, the person interacts with, feel psychologically well and healthy.

Sharing Responsibility for the future success of the organisation

The responsibility that is shared amongst the whole workforce to do everything everyone can to ensure the future success of the organisation. This means thinking independently and providing unsolicited critiques of any part of the organisation the individual believes could be more successful, saying so, and helping to improve that part of the organisation.


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